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ISO 9000:2000

Global QA Corporation is pleased to announce that another one of our clients, POLYTRON DEVICES, INC. is in the process of achieving compliance to the ISO 9001:2000 standard.  The company expects to achieve full ISO certification within the year.

POLYTRON DEVICES, INC. is one of a select few firms in their industry to have taken this step.  Compliance represents a commitment by POLYTRON
DEVICES, INC. to take their organization far beyond the organizational standards of their competitors.

The certification is a program of the International Organization for Standardization, founded in 1946 to develop common manufacturing, trade and communi cations standards.  The ISO 9000 standards provide a framework for an organization's structure, management and operational systems and procedures, which together will ensure consistency, efficiency and continuous improvement of services.  ISO also helps identify weakness in processes and the root causes of problems so that continuous improvements can be made.

ISO 9001:2000 certification is not an end in itself.  POLYTRON DEVICES, INC. 's interest in receiving ISO 9001:2000 registration is to build quality into all its services.  Existing practices are not just documented but rather each and every process is reviewed, analyzed, and evaluated.

Global QA congratulates POLYTRON DEVICES, INC. on this achievement and wishes them continued success in their pursuit of improved organizational quality."

About Polytron

Polytron products are marketed worldwide. Our headquarters and manufacturing/distribution facilities are located in Paterson, New Jersey, USA.

Polytron designs, manufactures and markets a broad range of linear power modules, switching power supplies and DC/DC converters for computer, telecommunications and many other industrial and commercial applications.

Can't find exactly what you need from our thousands of standard models? We can custom modify our products electrically and/or physically to meet your specific needs.

Polytron products are manufactured and tested to our exacting quality standards in our high technology facility, ensuring product quality, efficiency and reliability, including 100% high temperature burn-in.

Our research and development efforts emphasize our commitment to provide cutting-edge products that meet the needs of our customers, now and in the future. Call on our design engineers and sales professionals to assist you in improving your next design with an innovative solution from Polytron!

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