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Medical Equipment

Power converters designed for patient safety

Many Polytron DC-DC converters and AC-DC converters have been approved for use in medical applications—including equipment and devices used in close proximity to patients.

All of our medical power electronics meet or exceed IEC 60601-1 requirements, offering two means of patient protection (2MOPP). And many of the medical products have isolation voltages of 5,000 VAC—1,000 volts above the minimum required by the IEC 60601-1 standard. Finally, all of our medical power electronics exhibit low leakage currents to prevent electrical shocks.

MUI 310


  • Diagnostic and therapy equipment.
  • Home equipment like nebulizers and blood pressure monitors.
  • X-ray machines.
  • Surgical tools with lights, lasers and video microscopes.
  • Defibrillators.
  • Medical devices and equipment.
  • Portable ventilators.
  • 3D laparoscope.
  • Pain-monitoring devices.
  • Aesthetic machines.
  • Medical analyzers.
  • Medical aesthetic devices.
  • Medical endoscope devices.
  • Dental chairs.
  • Hemodialysis devices.

Technical Advantages

Output Power

  • DC-DC converters are now available up to 15 watts. We offer single and dual output voltages.
  • AC-DC converters are available up to 450 watts. We offer single, dual and triple output voltages.

Power Density

  • Power density for DC-DC converters is a dense miniature package of 0.80 x 1.25 inches with a height of 0.40 inches.
  • 100 Watt AC-DC Converters are in a 2 X 3 inch open frame package. 150 Watt AC-DC Converters are in a 2 X 4 inch open frame package.  (See below for optional package styles)

Input Voltage Range

  • DC-DC converters have an extra wide 4:1 input range with either a 9-36 Vdc input or a 18-75 Vdc input.
  • AC-DC converters have a universal input range from 80-264 VAC meet national and international input voltages

Output Voltage Range

  • DC-DC: ± 1%, fixed
  • AC-DC: ± 10%, adjustable

Packaging Styles

  • DC-DC converters can either have a printed circuit board map with pins coming out of the bottom that plug into the board or a surface mount for automated assembly.
  • AC-DC converters typically have an open frame packaging style. However, we also offer three other options:

    • A chassis mount to bolt down to a board and wired through its terminals.
    • An enclosed type has a PIN for through hole mounting.
    • A DIN rail mount that clips can have wires connected to it and has an adaptor that fits into a metal frame.

Our DC-DC converters support an optional on-off pin, an added safety feature rarely found on competitive products.