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Railway and Transportation

Multi-Use Converters For Railway Applications

Our robust DC-DC converters are used in transportation and railway applications. Customers have come to us after discovering that most converters offered in the industry aren't compliant with transportation industry code. Our 12-, 24- and 110-volt input DC-DC converters are a reliable option for many transportation and railway machinery.


  • Air conditioner control systems.
  • Internal and external lighting.
  • Powering computers.
  • Test equipment for manufacturing cars.
  • Broadcasting systems.
  • Fire alarm systems.
  • Tracking and communication systems.
  • Ticket vending machines.
  • Personal monitors in trains.
  • LCD display boards for passenger information systems.

Technical Advantages

  • Meets EN50155, EN500121-3 and EN61373 standards.
  • Six-sided continuous shield.
  • Passes shock and vibration tests.
  • Maintains output voltage for 10 milliseconds during power outages.
  • Reverse polarity protection.
  • Offers products from 8 to 200 watts of power.
  • Offers 110 VDC input.
  • Wall mount type available.