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Dover, NJ – December 1, 2021 – As other manufacturers de-emphasize or even phase out linear power supplies, Daburn Electronics’ Polytron Devices division is building on the legacy of its P3 and P5 Series low-noise, precision linear power supplies by expanding its customization capabilities for a wide range of applications.

The company offers the following advantages:

Polytron P3

  • A solid legacy of producing AC/DC linear power supplies
  • A commitment to AC/DC linear power supplies
  • The ability to satisfy high power requirements
  • The ability to provide many types of modifications to linear power supplies
  • Engineering expertise
  • Volume advantages to keep costs low

Polytron Devices is well-known for low-noise linear power supplies and can satisfy a wide range of custom needs such as: providing multiple output voltages in a single model; adding programmability or ON-OFF switches; and adding a variety of types such as open frame, desktop and wall plug-in models, in addition to enclosed units for harsh environments.

We have also expanded our power capability from 30 to 450 watts, maximum. Engineering staff can suggest solutions, create evaluation samples, safety-test units and help ensure regulatory approvals such as IEC 60601 for medical equipment.

Because we maintain strong relationships with transformer manufacturers, we can acquire large quantities of transformers to get them quickly and cost-effectively. We also accommodate blanket orders so customers can lock in quantity pricing and receive products as needed.

For more information about Polytron Devices’ custom linear AC/DC power supplies, contact us.


About Daburn Electronics:

Daburn Electronics and Cable is based in Dover, N.J., and has been a manufacturer and supplier of electronic wire, cable, braid, tubing and associated products since 1964. Daburn also manufactures Polytron Power Supplies, Precise Circuits Custom Electronics and Sico Systems Control Panels. The company has grown rapidly in recent years with a commitment to product development.