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May 5, 2014—Polytron Devices, Inc. has recently released for mass production a complete line of 3 Watt DC/DC converters in a SIP package (0.86” X 0.36” X 0.44”) This “SWB3” series boasts high efficiency of 82% and on/off control flexibility. These converters are encapsulated and operate without de-rating over their full specified temperature range.

This series is available with a 4:1 input voltage range as follows: 9-36Vdc and 18-72Vdc. Single and Dual output voltages are available as follows: 3.3, 5, 9, 12, ±5, ±12, ±15Vdc.

Pertinent specifications include: continuous short circuit protection and 1600Vdc Isolation. These units are designed for a variety of applications including : wireless network, telecom/datacom, industry control system, measurement and semiconductor equipment. All units are 100% burned in under full load, hi pot tested and final electrical tested prior to shipment.

This series of converters is competitively priced at $19.75 at 1000 quantity. Average lead time is 4-5 weeks.

Other features include:

Input voltage range: 9-36Vdc, 18-72Vdc
Input filter: Capacitor Type
Output voltage set point accuracy: ±1%
Line regulation, HL-LL: ±02%
Load regulation, 100% to 10% Full Load: ±1%
Efficiency: up to 82%
Temperature coefficient: ±0.1%/degrees C,Max.
Short circuit protection: Continuous, automatic recovery
Transient response recovery time, 25% load step change: 500uS typ
On-control: DC-DC ON, Open or high impedance
Off-control: DC-DC OFF, Control pin applied current
Switching frequency: FL to ML, 100KHz, Min.
Isolation Voltage: 1600Vdc, Min.
Isolation resistance: 10 9 ohms, min.
Operating temperature range: -40 to 100°C
Storage temperature range: -55 to 105°C
EMI: EN55022
Case Material: Non-conductive black plastic
Dimensions: 0.86” X 0.36” X 0.44”

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