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Polytron Helps Get Critical Medical Devices Into the Field

MUI65-5S33SBMedical device design and manufacturing has changed dramatically in 2020 as the global pandemic has imposed new supply chain pressures on OEMs. If your devices need DC-DC or AC-DC converters, Polytron Devices can help by continuing to offer stable, predictable lead times.

Our medical power electronics perform reliably and safely, making them suitable for use in devices that have close proximity to patients. They exhibit low leakage currents, meet or exceed IEC 60601-1 requirements and satisfy two means of patient protection (2 MOPP) standards to protect patients against electrocution as well as help ease the device manufacturer’s safety and EMC approval process.

Polytron products are found in a wide range of medical devices and settings such as diagnostic and therapy equipment, home nebulizers and blood pressure monitors, surgical tools with lights, lasers or video capabilities, endoscopic and 3D laparoscopic devices, pain monitoring devices and dental chairs. Our medical power converter lineup includes certain models that may be appropriate for critical devices related to the COVID-19 outbreak. For example, two products that are well-suited for ventilator power include:

MUI270-44SP-A universal-input, 270-watt medical power supplies

This model — part of Polytron Devices’ MUI310-A Series of 230- to 310-watt medical power supplies with 2 MOPP patient protection — comes in a 7.78 x 4.01 x 2.01-inch desktop form factor suitable for portable devices in a variety of healthcare environments. Reliability features include built-in over-voltage, over-current, over-temperature and short circuit protections. The MUI270-44SP-A also offers MTBF greater than 100,000 hours, 4,000V AC input/output isolation, an active PFC function, 87.5 percent efficiency, input voltage range of 90 to 264V AC, 44-V output voltage, maximum load current (Io) of 6.13A, 840-mV (peak to peak) ripple and noise and ±5 percent load and ±1 percent line regulation.

MUI65-15SB 65-watt AC-DC converters

With a universal input range of 85 to 264V AC and high efficiency up to 92 percent, the 65-watt MUI Series of AC-DC converters has a low leakage current under 75 µA and a built-in EMI class A filter. The MUI65-15SB also offers 0.11-watt low standby power consumption, 2,000V AC input to output 2 MOPP isolation, 24V output voltage and 4.34A output current. To satisfy ever-shrinking medical device designs, the converters come in a space-saving 2.00 x 3.00 x 1.16-inch package. Enclosed mounting is standard, with screw terminal, chassis mount, DIN rail and open-type mounting options also available.

While the COVID-19 emergency has created shipping constraints across the electronics industry, Polytron Devices’ shipping capabilities have suffered minimal effects. Our shipping hours remain the same, and we have maintained our normal monthly shipping capacity to help you meet your time-to-market needs.

Put Your In-demand Medical Devices to Work

Shortages in critical medical devices have created an urgent need for reliable and patient-safe power components. Polytron Devices can help you find the right power converters for your medical applications and deliver them in a timely manner so your critically needed devices can get right to work.

Constant Voltage LED Driver Selection: Factors to Consider

LED LightingIf your application involves building or installing LED luminaires or systems, you will need a driver to convert and supply the current. Some LED devices require a constant current power source while others — which usually have some means of current regulation already in the system — require a constant, or fixed, voltage. This blog post will cover the features and characteristics to look for when choosing a constant voltage LED driver. Typical applications for constant voltage LED drivers include architectural lighting, decorative lighting, outdoor LED signs and lighting, LED strips, displays, and various other DC output applications. If you're unsure if a constant voltage LED driver is needed for your application, check your LED light's datasheet.

When it comes to watts, the driver should have some excess capacity in order to ensure reliable operation. One rule of thumb is to choose a driver with 20% more watts than the sum total number of watts for all the lights in the system. For voltage, make sure the driver's output voltage works with your system's voltage requirement — again summing up multiple lights — and that the driver's voltage can accept the local line voltage. In addition to these important constant voltage LED driver selection criteria, here are some other features and characteristics to consider:

  • Efficiency. Simply put, an efficient driver uses less power and saves energy. Look for an LED driver with a high efficiency percentage.
  • Power Factor measures the driver's ability to turn energy into useful power. On a datasheet, power factor is represented between 0 and 1.00 (100%). In most applications a power factor nearest to 1 is ideal, and many drivers may employ power factor correction methods to achieve a high power factor.
  • Protections. Built-in components and functions help prevent damage to the supply or its load in case of various power problems.
  • Compliance to local and international safety agency standards. Keep in mind certain standards exist for indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Dimming capability. If your application calls for dimmable LEDs, be sure that the driver offers the same means of dimming control that's specified in your light's datasheet.

The Right Supplier Will Make a Difference

Polytron Devices offers a diverse lineup of LED drivers in a broad range of power outputs — even as high as 480, 600 and 1,200watts — to satisfy most every indoor and outdoor LED lighting application. Features include programmable wattage and current, efficiencies as high as 92%, exceptional power factors and built-in protections such as over current, short circuit, open circuit and over temperature. Customers can choose PWM or 0-to-10V dimming capabilities or standard non-dimming units. The drivers are built to meet or carry certifications for international standards such as UL and CE, are IP67-rated for moisture, and they are able to meet IEC Class II shock requirements as well as Safety Extra Low Voltage (SELV) specifications. Polytron can satisfy monthly minimums of 100,000 units or more while providing timely delivery to fulfill your inventory requirements.

Your lighting system's performance depends on choosing the right LED driver. Once you consider your application and its wattage and voltage requirements, LED driver selection comes down to many factors. That's why it's important to work with an LED driver supplier that offers many options to meet customer requirements as well as the applicable regulations and standards. Polytron Devices has a wide range of LED power supplies to satisfy most any indoor or outdoor lighting application and a deep inventory so you can have the right driver for your LED lighting needs at the right time.

An Update About Daburn Electronics and Polytron Devices Operations During COVID-19

Daburn Electronics and its Polytron Devices division would like to update you on our response to COVID-19. As a supplier to critical industries, we remain open during our normal business hours and are maintaining our normal shipping hours.

Our management team has been monitoring the situation and adjusting operations so we can continue to ship and fulfill orders with minimal disruption. The company communicates constantly with our raw material suppliers to maintain the inventories necessary to satisfy customer demand. Most importantly, we are taking action to mitigate the spread of the virus to ensure the health and safety of our employees. Our measures include:

  • Following CDC guidelines as we conduct our business.
  • Elevating cleaning and sanitation activities in our facilities.
  • Increasing employee engagement and communicating any risks that require preventative actions.

The coronavirus situation is changing on a constant basis, and we will continue to stay on top of the events to ensure the safety of our employees and their families. As long as conditions allow, Daburn Electronics and Polytron Devices are doing everything necessary to ensure customers in critical industries receive the components they need so they can carry out their vital work.

To contact our sales and customer service staff, visit our Contact Us page.

How SMD DC-DC Converters Enhance PCB Design and Assembly

MTWA4-5S5-SM 1Surface mount technology has become an attractive method for mounting components to printed circuit boards (PCBs) – and for good reason. Attaching components to boards via solder paste instead of larger pins saves board space and assembly time. Designers tasked with space constraints demand smaller components, increasingly looking for surface mountable (SMD) power components like DC-DC converters to satisfy this critical requirement. Surface mount technology and SMD components provide the following benefits:

  • Higher component density allows for smaller circuits and faster circuit speeds.
  • Faster, more efficient assembly with greater control.
  • Both sides of the PCB can be used.
  • Fewer holes need to be drilled into the PCB.
  • Less noise thanks to lower radiated emissions.
  • Lower mass of components bolsters shock and vibration resistance.
  • Customization: A variety of components can be attached to the PCB.

A Diverse, Growing Lineup of SMD DC-DC Converters

Polytron Devices offers a wide range of SMD-packaged DC-DC converters rated at 2, 3, 3.5, 5 and 8 watts of output power with single and dual outputs. The lineup of DC-DC converters includes models with regulated or unregulated outputs and isolation between input and output from 500V DC to 1,600V DC plus models with 2MOPP 5,000V DC isolation for medical applications.

Offering wide 4:1 and 2:1 input voltage ranges, the converters are suitable for applications with inputs ranging from 5 VDC to 110 VDC. Single-output voltages range from 3.3V to 24V DC and dual-output voltages range from ±5 to ±15V DC. Additional features include high efficiency, wide temperature ranges, short circuit and overvoltage protection, small footprints and five and six-sided EMI shielding. Polytron SMD DC-DC converters have the model numbers: TWA3, TWA5, TWB5, TWA8, TWB8 and TWB12. In addition, certain SMD DC-DC converter models are particularly appropriate for use in specialty applications such as MTWA2 and MTWA4 for medical and TWB8 for railroad equipment.

Achieve Fast Assembly and Board Space Savings

When your design considerations include fast, efficient assembly and board space savings, surface mount components are the logical choice. Polytron Devices offers an expanding lineup of SMD-packaged DC-DC converters that are well-suited for automated assembly and which can satisfy various input and output requirements. Polytron Devices experts can help you determine the best SMD DC-DC converter for your design.

How Power Supplies Help IT Equipment Handle Increasing Data Loads

UI450Series-inlineData center managers need efficient hardware to help their networks handle ever-increasing data volumes. That means the power supplies that go into rack mounted IT equipment must fit tighter space requirements within the unit. When it comes to designing a rack-level networking device, these are some of the more important power supply attributes to keep in mind:

  • Low profile. As rackmount equipment requires more data capacity and functionality, smaller power supplies allow more room for the components that drive higher performance.
  • Power density is essential due to an increasing number of storage devices, memory, logic and I/O, which all consume power as well as space. Power supplies that can accommodate these components without taking up too much space on their own are especially desirable in today’s rackmount devices.
  • Efficiency. Power supplies should limit conversion losses to ensure more usable power for the server’s internal components. Less wasted energy means less wasted heat that would otherwise require additional thermal management measures.
  • Reliability. Rackmount equipment must run 24/7 to make data available anytime and anywhere. Network outages due to hardware failure are not an option.

Power Supply Packs Several Features Essential to 1U Enclosures
Polytron Devices’ UI450 power supplies check all these boxes and more, making them appropriate for use in rackmount devices such as servers and bulk power supplies. These 450-W devices feature a 85-264V AC universal input, adjustable output from 12V to 53V DC, 3000V AC isolation, efficiency up to 94 percent, low leakage current and standby power. With dimensions of 5 x 3 inches and a 1.58-inch height (5.83 x 3.15 x 1.60 inches, enclosed version), converters fit into a standard 1U (1.75-inch) enclosure to offer the power density today’s rackmount devices demand. UI450 AC/DC converters offer the following safeguards to ensure reliable operation:

  • Over-current protection
  • Over-voltage protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Over-temperature protection
  • Insulation protection: Class I and Class II

The UI450 family is also suitable for industrial applications and is available in a medical version (MUI450). Polytron Devices can provide the test configurations so you can be sure your device has the right mechanical arrangement to implement the power supply.

Make Efficient Use of Space and Power
When it comes to IT networks, efficient use of space and power are key to successfully meeting the workload demands that they need to address in the near future. Polytron Devices’ UI450 Series power supplies deliver space savings, power density, efficiency and safeguards that network devices require. Designers can implement these power supplies into rackmount equipment to help scale up IT networks that can manage today’s explosive volumes of data smartly and reliably.

For more information about Polytron Devices’ UI450 Series power supplies, visit the product page.

UI450 Series

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